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Surveying is measurement of object in vertical and horizontal plane in terms of liner and angular measurement. Measurement of object position and feature on earth .Surveying is backbone of any project . Without surveying imagination of any project in construction is not possible. It is possible using chain , dumpy level ,auto level , theodolite , total station,aerial camera and DGPS, also. Surveying is used in all kind of project like Road construction , Building construction , off shore – in shore construction . Primary classification of survey is Plane and Geodetic Survey . Surveying is Heart of Construction.

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Types of surveying

  1. Based on Purpose
  2. Based on Place
  3. Based on Instrument
  1. Based on Purpose
  • Control Survey
  • City Survey
  • Engineering Survey
  • Topographical Survey
  • Geological Survey
  • Archeological Survey
  • Astronomical Survey
  • Gravity Survey
  • Mining Survey
  • Miletry Survey
  • Satellite Survey

2 . Based on Place

  • Land Survey
  • Hydrology Survey
  • Arial Survey

3 . Based on Instrument

  • Chain Survey
  • Compass Survey
  • Plane table Survey
  • Theodolite Survey
  • Photogramattry
  • Total Station
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Auto Level
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Total Station
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Drone Survey

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